Gloucester Township Education Association

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NJEA Uniserv Offices – Region 3

Contact Information
1020 Laurel Oak Road Suite 101
Voorhees, NJ 08043-3518
Phone: (856) 782-1225 Fax: (856) 627-6024
Donna Mauer, Nancy Holmes, Sharon Allen (Uniserv Reps)

The NJEA-NEA UniServ Network provides extensive field services to members and local and county affiliates throughout the state. It operates on a coordinated, statewide basis. UniServ representatives and office staff members work out of 21 regional offices to supply doorstep service to members. The Headquarters UniServ staff coordinates the network and provides statewide assistance on membership recruitment, training, and organizing programs throughout the state. The NJEA-NEA UniServ field representatives train local leaders and assist in:

  • Coordination of state-national resources, including professional development, instructional improvement, and human relations;
  • negotiations service;
  • contract administration and grievance adjudication;
  • local member consultation and individual service;
  • public relations and communications;
  • legislative and political activity;
  • leadership development skills;
  • organizational management and membership promotion.
  • “inclusive” local training, organizing assistance, and goal development